Star Trek X: Nemesis

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Posted by Sulkyblue (20th Mar 2004, 11:44)

I think this is a really good star trek film. It's got some nice effects, some great little character moments, an engaging storyline and some beautiful space battles. As with any trek film it has some issues with dodgy science, 'stormtrooper' quality enemy forces, cheesy scripting and occasional plot holes. However I thouroughly enjoyed watching it and thought they had some interesting ideas with the mirroring theme throughout the film. Biggest quibble: what the hell was that pink disaster Troi was wearing at the start!

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 Siberman ( 20th May 2004, 20:51, Rank: Mentat )  reply

I dsagree. I thought that it was fairly weak even as star trek films go. The whole romulan thing, picard's clone and the planet destroying machine, were not very convincing. I would put it on a par with insurrection. In general, I've not been overly impressed with the next generation films, although first contact was ok.

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