Arthur C Clarke Award Winners

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Posted by dormouse (10th May 2004, 20:35)

This Award was established with a generous grant from Arthur C Clarke with the intention of encouraging science fiction in Britain.It is awarded every year to the best science fiction novel which received its first British publication during the previous calendar year, and is chosen by jury.

We have frequently had winners and nominees for this award as Picocon guests.
2005. China Mieville - Iron Council - Not yet in library
2004. Neal Stephenson - Quicksilver
2003. Christopher Priest - The Separation
2002. Gwyneth Jones - Bold As Love
2001. China MiƩville - Perdido Street Station
2000. Bruce Sterling - Distraction
1999. Tricia Sullivan - Dreaming in Smoke
1998. Mary Doria Russell - The Sparrow
1997. Amitav Ghosh - The Calcutta Chromosome
1996. Paul J McAuley - Fairyland
1995. Pat Cadigan - Fools
1994. Jeff Noon - Vurt
1993. Marge Piercy - Body of Glass
1992. Pat Cadigan - Synners
1991. Colin Greenland - Take Back Plenty
1990. Geoff Ryman - The Child Garden
1989. Rachel Pollack - Unquenchable Fire
1988. George Turner - Drowning Towers - Not yet in library
1987. Margaret Atwood - The Handmaid's Tale

About item:

- Baroque Cycle 1: Quicksilver
- Body Of Glass
- Bold As Love
- Distraction
- Fairyland
- Fools
- Perdido Street Station
- Synners
- Take Back Plenty
- The Calcutta Chromosome
- The Child Garden
- The Handmaid's Tale
- The Separation
- The Sparrow
- Unquenchable Fire
- Vurt

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About author:

- Stephenson, Neal
- Piercy, Marge
- Jones, Gwyneth
- Sterling, Bruce
- Mcauley, Paul
- Cadigan, Pat
- Mieville, China
- Greenland, Colin
- Ghosh, Amitav
- Ryman, Geoff
- Atwood, Margaret
- Priest, Christopher
- Russell, Mary Doria
- Pollack, Rachel
- Noon, Jeff

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