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Posted by Baz (1st Dec 2003, 14:03)

Originally published in Wyrmtongue December 2003.

The Lensman Sequence by E. E. "Doc" Smith

Classic Space Opera at its worst. No plot of any description beyond mind-numbingly large numbers used to add drama to otherwise dull and mechanistsic ship combat. Telepathic thought police, heros with no human flaws, except for being amoral genocidal maniacs, right wing philosophy shoved down your throat., and a horribly hypocritical attitude towards addictive drugs.

Beyond the Blue Event Horizon by Frederick Pohl

The first of three sequels to the excelent Gateway, unfortunately lacking in any of the qualities which made the first book so good. It lacks mystery, revealing most of the details about the Heechee which the first book made so inexplicable. It lacks any of the psychological undertones of the first book, replacing them with inadequate sexual subtext. And the AI plot from the original book, one of the things which made Gateway a classic? Nope, isn't here at all, this one is pure adventure.

The 10th Kingdom by Kathryn Wesley

There are two types of TV novelisation, those which slavishly adhere to exact descriptions of what appeared on the screen and add nothing to it, and those which vary from the actual film representation, and so nescesarily stray slightly from the details of the plotline as well - as is needed for the change in medium. Or at least that is what I thought until I read this book - which appears to be a slavishly dull description of precisely what happened on screen in some other television program. The plot varies from that of the series greatly, and believe me, it's never an improvement.

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- Beyond The Blue Event Horizon
- First Lensman
- The 10th Kingdom

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- Pohl, Frederik
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