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Posted by Eemeli (1st Jan 2003, 13:46)

Originally published in Wyrmtongue January 2003.

Perdido Street Station & The Raft - China Mieville

These two books fit into that fuzzy bit between science fiction and fantasy that you can't quite classify either way; the author himself calls it weird fiction. Never mind that, go read these books. There are all kinds of social concepts hidden underneath the magnificiently told tales you don't even notice them while you're reading. Mieville, also, has the best swearwords I've seen in any book, and the way the characters use them is even better.

Red Mars, Green Mars & Blue Mars - Kim Stanley Robinson

If I remember correctly, there's a quote by Arthur C. Clarke calling the series "required reading for the colonists of the next century." This is a series that'll make you want to go and colonise Mars, provided you can bear the long descriptive bits about the landscape. Go read this series.

A Fire Upon the Deep - Vernor Vinge

I need to go and read this book again. It's excellent enough that I'll put it on this list even though I can't quite remember what it was all about. It's something to do with the singularity, and complexity, and things. Go read this book, I'm pretty sure it's good.

Excession - Iain M Banks

I had to get at least one book by Banks onto this list, and Excession got picked mainly because of the immensity of the climax scene. Go read everything else Banks has written as well.

Zodiac - Neal Stephenson

The protagonist is a horrible person that no-one could probably really stand to work or live with, unless you had lots and lots of nitrous oxide, but he's one of the good guys, so it's all right. He seems to kick ass at what he does; mainly making big chemical companies look really stupid and offensive. Go read this book just to find out what "Sangamon's Principle" is about.

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- A Fire Upon The Deep
- Excession
- Mars 1: Red Mars
- Mars 2: Green Mars
- Mars 3: Blue Mars
- Perdido Street Station
- Zodiac

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- Vinge, Vernor
- Banks, Iain M
- Robinson, Kim Stanley
- Mieville, China
- Stephenson, Neal

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