"The Skies Of Pern" by Anne McCaffrey

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Posted by Ed Walker (1st Oct 2001, 11:58)

Originally published in Wyrmtongue October 2001.

The latest in the long running series about the Dragonriders of Pern and the old enemy, Thread, has been finally defeated (see "All The Weyrs Of Pern") but there will be another sixteen years of threadfall before it will be gone for good. With the prospect of the Dragonriders becoming unnecessary they are looking for places to live and thing to do, but the impact of a comet shows why Pern will need the dragons. Along with the fallout from the impact, a number of Luddites calling themselves "Abominators" are causing trouble by destroying the product of the newly developed skills given to Pern by AIVAS.

The story, in typical McCaffrey fashion, concentrates mostly two Dragonriders, Tai and F'lessan, who are heavily involved in rescuing people from the tsunami caused by the comets impact and are instrumental in developing a new task for all Dragonriders after Threadfall has finished. The book maybe doesn't have the pace and excitement of some of the previous novels but it does answer a number of questions about draconic abilities and what Dragonriders will do after Thread. The huge cast of both Humans and Dragons (the character list runs to five pages!) can lead you confused as to who's who but as most of the plot is centred on Tai and F'lessan this is not as great a problem as it could be. Overall this is a well written book and a good read.

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- Dragon 16: The Skies Of Pern

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- Mccaffrey, Anne

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