"The Shadow of the Hegemon" by Orson Scott Card

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Posted by Ed Walker (1st Oct 2001, 11:56)

Originally published in Wyrmtongue October 2001.

This is the second in the shadow trilogy that tells of the life of Bean, on of Ender's lieutenants from "Ender's game". In the previous book in the series "Ender's Shadow" the life of Ender at battle school is told from Bean's perspective, this new book carries on immediately after the war against the Buggers has been won.

Ender having shipped off to one of the new colony planets, the rest of his lieutenants have returned to their families and life should be returning to normal. One of the students that Bean managed to get ejected from battle school has been picked up by a hostile nation to lead there armies and one of the first jobs he carried out was the kidnap of the other battle school graduates. Peter Wiggin is also brought in by Bean and we find out how Peter came to power as the Earth Hegemon.

I found this was an extremely good book and a compulsive page-turner, as good as "Ender's Shadow" and surprisingly "Ender's Game". In my opinion the original sequels to "Ender's Game" were slightly disappointing but this new series seems to be back on the course set by "Ender's Game". The book also brings up some interesting genetic engineering questions and a lot of questions about the future of politics and the nation state in the future. To fully appreciate this book I found that reading "Ender's Shadow" was essential as many of the characters are introduced there and the story follows on very closely but reading "Ender's Game" is not strictly necessary as "Ender's Shadow" covers the same time period.

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- Ender 6: The Shadow Of The Hegemon

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- Card, Orson Scott

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- Card, Orson Scott

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