'Them Bones' by Howard Waldrop

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Posted by Alex McLintock (16th Nov 2000, 19:05)

Originally published in Wyrmtongue November 2000.

This was quite a good book which finished all too soon. It reminded me of all the best bits of Patrick Tilley's 'Amtrak' series but without its failings. The story doesn't go on for six books petering out without an end in site. There aren't any supernatural powers, and there aren't any trains.

After a nuclear war Leake and 147 comrades step through a time machine gateway with the aim of preventing the war before it happens. Unfortunately the forward scout Leake is separated from the rest of the squad and is left to fend for himself in a tribe of Aztec's. At least we think they are Aztec's but it doesn't really matter because it means that Leake is hundreds of years off course so whether they are Incas or Aztecs is only of academic interest. Leake needs to learn to survive in this society, or on his own. The rest of his squad are elsewhere. A different time? A different place? They don't know at first, except that they aren't where they were supposed to be.

The third head to this story is the group of archaeologists digging up a burial mound in which they find artefacts that contradict their understanding of human history. They had better finish soon as the local dam will be closed off and their dig submerged under water. This three tailed story means that the action is all the way. You are dragged through this book at a consistent and fast pace.

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- Them Bones

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- Waldrop, Howard

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- Tilley, Patrick

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