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Posted by dormouse (22nd Nov 2001, 18:51)

Originally published in Wyrmtongue November 2000.

This is really just a general recommendation of pretty much any Alan Dean Foster book. I've found that these books are fairly safe for the first third or so, after which they reach un-put-downableness and are almost guaranteed to lose you sleep if you started reading them late at night.

I've particularly liked the ones set in the universe of 'Nor Crystal Tears', 'The Tar-Aiym Krang', and 'Icerigger'. I suppose you could categorise them as general space adventure with aliens, but it's a bit deeper than that - there are many interesting elements, such as a 'humanx' society where humans and thranx (insectoid aliens) coexist as equals - not just as allies.

Another interesting collection are the 'Spellsinger' books, which are far less serious but still absorbing. These are set in a vicious alternate universe where all kinds of animals are intelligent and magic is everywhere. In this series, ADF has really let his imagination run wild, resulting in some truly bizarre stories.

For the really curious - see his website

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- Nor Crystal Tears
- Spellsinger 1: Spellsinger

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- Foster, Alan Dean

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