The Seafort Saga, by David Feintuch

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Posted by Hack (1st Oct 1999, 18:47)

Originally published in Wyrmtongue October 1999.

Feintuch writes in the grand tradition of C S Forester and Robert Heinlein, and he does it extremely well. The first book, Midshipman's Hope, is truly amazing in its rip-roaring action and suspense. However, the very energy of the initial book means that the sequels, beginning with Challenger's Hope, seem somewhat quiet and are less splendid in contrast. I have re-read Midshipman's Hope many times. I have not felt the need to re-read the others since I finished the series.

The series is the life story of Nicholas Seafort, an officer in the United Nations Navy. He is thrust into command by the unfortunate deaths of all of his superiors, and faces internal rebellions and hostile aliens. The turmoil in the outside world that he has to deal with, as he rises through the ranks, is matched by his own internal struggle, between his father's remorselessly strict Protestant teaching, and the necessities of everyday life in the Navy.

The series is a minor classic of military science fiction. Forester and Heinlein fans will really enjoy them. I would recommend the first book unreservedly to everyone, although the others may be more of an acquired taste.

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- Seafort 1: Midshipman's Hope

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- Feintuch, David

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