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Posted by Sulkyblue (17th Jun 2003, 11:42)

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 Sulkyblue ( 17th Jun 2003, 11:45, Rank: Nazgul )  reply

The last episode definately rocked. Not what I'd say is one of the best episodes in terms of showcasing actors or writing or directing (as things like The Body and Hush do so amazingly) or one of the funniest or weirdest (like Once More with Feeling) but one of the best all round Buffy episodes. It was exactly what made the show great, it was funny, dramatic, sweet, witty, moving, romantic, great fights, great stunts, great effects. Just everything that makes buffy great all rolled into one episode. I particularly loved the way the original 4 characters were together. A really beautiful end to a truly great and groundbreaking series. It will be missed.

Overall I'd say this season will not go down as my favourite - it seemed to drag rather. I think it would be better watched faster over dvds, I just completely lost track of hte miscellaneous slayers in training (SITs) and suspect they have more coherent stories if you can keep track. I also got a little bored by the whole will they/won't they with Spike and Buffy. Looking back on it, not much seems to have happened this year, I'm sure that's not the case, but it's how it feels.

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 John Kirk ( 17th Jun 2003, 17:22, Rank: Patrician )  reply

I definitely enjoyed the final episode. I'm glad I avoided spoilers, because it surprised me. I was expecting them to kill Faith, then resuscitate her, to activate the next Potential Slayer. Then repeat this process all the way round the room, until they're all active. But the business with the axe was more impressive, and has interesting implications. Also some slightly worrying implications, if you have women who literally don't know their own strength - this could lead to accidents, like the one Faith had in season 3.

I'm inclined to overlook the flaws in the episode, since it was so spectacular, but the main thing that bothered me were the Ubervamps - they seemed a lot weaker than before. I'd need to rewatch the series to be sure, but as I recall, sunlight didn't kill them before (thinking of the episode where Buffy was climbing out of a hole, and the Ubervamp that was chasing her put up an arm to keep the sun out of its eyes). Similarly, if Anya (no powers) was able to decapitate one so easily, why were all the potentials having trouble before, when they had the advantage of numbers?

Speaking of rewatching the season, did they ever follow up on the advice that Giles and Anya got from the floating head thing?

Looking back at the season as a whole, I think it could have done with more "standalone" episodes. For instance, the episode that introduced Warren in season 5 had nothing to do with Glory, although it led to the Buffy-bot, which was important later in the season. I remember watching the DVDs from season 1, where one of the commentaries (probably from Joss Whedon) said "We didn't want each episode to be Buffy fighting the Master, because he'd have to keep losing, which would make him a less threatening villain, so that's why we had him trapped underground until the end of the season". I think season 7 had that problem a bit - they tried to avoid anything conclusive happening during the year.

It was also unfortunate that the crossovers with Angel didn't quite work, timing-wise. For instance:
Week 1: In "Angel", Willow shows up in LA, leaves for Sunnydale with Faith in tow.
Week 2: In "Buffy", Willow gets a phone call, and leaves for LA.
Week 3: In "Buffy", Willow returns from LA, with Faith.
Apparently the same thing happened in the USA, with those episodes. Then with the finale, I gather that this builds on events from the Angel finale, which hasn't been shown in the UK yet, but was shown in the USA about a month before the Buffy finale.

Presumably this means that when Joyce appeared early in the season, she was actually the First, rather than a ghost?

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