icsf Request List


Enuma Elishlib request; sumerian creation myth - submitted by random
Enterprise - All the seriesBecause they're surprisingly cheap on Amazon.co.uk atm - I'd like season 3/4 if you can't get all of them http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_ss_w_h__0_10?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=enterprise+dvd&sprefix=enterprise - submitted by freyacs
Jet Li's The OneLibrary request. - submitted by Kvetch
(ed.), George R R MartinDealer's ChoiceWild Cards #11. we seem to be missing this one for some reason - submitted by dormouse
Baxter, StephenAges in Chaosh/b Nov 04, p/b aug 06 - submitted by dormouse
Bibby, JamesRonan the Barbarian
- 2nd opinion anyone? -karne
- Reviews are promising and we do have another in the series(Ronan's Revenge) -Whisper - submitted by random
Bova, BenTales of the Grand Tourh/b get later. p/b Apr 05? - submitted by dormouse
Brackett, LeighSea Kings of Mars and Other Wordly StoriesFantasy Masterworks - submitted by dormouse
Brooks, TerryHigh Druid of Shannara: Straken3rd in series H/B sep 05, p/b may 06 - submitted by dormouse
C, Esslemont, IReturn of the Crimson GuardMalazan book - submitted by Kvetch
Card, Orson ScottMagic Streetcontemporary fantasy H/B Jun 05, p/b jun 06 - submitted by dormouse
Carroll, JonathanA Child Across the SkyACC runner-up 1990 - submitted by dormouse
Cherryh, CJ(anything we don't have)there's quite a bit we don't have here, and several partial series. eg the Foreigner series (we have 1-3, not 4-6 - Precursor, Defender, Explorer) or the Fortress series. See Cherryh and http://scifan.com/writers/cc/CherryhCJ.asp. Which series should we concentrate on? - submitted by dormouse
Crowley, John(any we don't have)Any books by him we don't have - see Crowley, John
e.g. Love and Sleep (#2), Great Work of Time, Daemonomania (#3), The Translator. All hard to find in UK. - submitted by random
Duncan, DaveThe Seventh Sword TrilogyAn interesting world setting, with a high quality plot - sadly neglected by fandom in general. OoP? See here for a title list - submitted by kvetch
Elliott, KateThe Law of Becoming(lib request) continuing a series - submitted by dormouse
Forstchen, William R.Down to the SeaThe last (as least until now) part of the 'Lost Regiment' series - we've bought the rest. Tim wants them. - submitted by Kvetch
Forstchen, William R.Never Sound RetreatLost Regiment #6, we're missing this from the middle of the series. -Tim - submitted by random
Forsyth, KateWitches of Eileanan - series* appears to be a new author. Series list at http://www.scifan.com/series/series.asp?SR_seriesid=279 - submitted by dormouse
Foster, Alan DeanRunning from the Deitynext Flinx book. p/b nov 06 - submitted by dormouse
Gentle, MaryIlarioh/b nov 06 - submitted by dormouse
Hawke, SimonThe Reluctant Sorcererhave 2nd in series - k - submitted by random
hawke, simonThe Inadequate Adepthave 2nd in series - k - submitted by random
Hilgartner, BethA Necklace of Fallen Starsnot available on amazon or ebay -M -random - submitted by dormouse
Hobb, RobinShaman's CrossingSoldier Son trilogy #1. H/B Jul 05, p/b jul 06 - submitted by dormouse
Holt, TomGoatsong - submitted by dormouse
Holt, TomEarth, Air, Fire and Custardsequel to In Your Dreams, H/B Feb 05, p/b jan 06 - submitted by dormouse
Jane, Lindskold,The Dragon of Despair3rd in Wolf series. p/b Apr 04 - submitted by dormouse
Kerr, KatharineThe Gold FalconDeverry cycle. p/b feb 07 - submitted by dormouse
King, StephenThe Dark TowerBook 7, Dark Tower Series, we have rest. Library Request. - submitted by Whisper
Kipling, RudyardThe Mark of the Beast and Other Fantastical TalesFantasy Masterworks - submitted by dormouse
Knight, E. E.Dragon AvengerThe (literal) sister novel to Dragon Champion. - submitted by karne
Knight, E. E.Dragon ChampionYeah so I'm biased, but I'm of the opinion this (and its sequal) were some of the best fantasy novels I've read all year. The author's a highly skilled world builder and clearly roleplays a lot - the characters are well constructed and detailed and I love the dark sense of humour. - submitted by karne
Martel, SuzanneCity Underground, TheProlly gonna be tough to find. Written by a French Canadian author, I've only ever read it in translation. - submitted by shuriken
Mendlesohn, Edward James and FarahCambridge Companion to Science Fictionlib request list; unlikely to find on ebay
- Probably should get this now ;) can get p/b for 17 on amazon. -dormouse - submitted by dormouse
Metzger, Robert A.PicoverseLibrary request by Alex. - submitted by Kvetch
MischaRed Spider, White WebACC shortlist 1991 (Misha on amazon) - submitted by dormouse
Modesitt, LEOrdermasterRecluce - submitted by dormouse
Modesitt, LEWellspring of ChaosRecluce - submitted by dormouse
Moorcock, MichaelThe Skrayling TreeLatest in Elric series. H/B, get later. p/b July 04 - submitted by dormouse
Morrow, ?Only Begotten DaughterTakes the piss out of evangelism - submitted by Philebas
MovieCarrieMovie about girl with unawoken telekenetic powers. Recommended by Chris - submitted by cmdr_adeon
Paolini, ChristopherBrisingrIt's shit, but people are wanting to be able to finish the series
- It's not finished yet.. :) -karne - submitted by lem08
rawn, melaniethe captal's tower
- this book still isn't out, and according to the official site (http://bb.melanierawn.com/announcement.php?forumid=5) hasn't actually been written yet ;) Looks like there might be some interesting discussion for fans on the forums there though. -dormouse - submitted by random
Sterling, BruceSchismatrix Plusp/b out - submitted by dormouse
Stewart, SeanPerfect Circle - submitted by dormouse
Stirling, Jerry Pournelle and S.MFalkenburg's LegionWe have numbers 2, 3 & 4 of the series, we should get the first one. - submitted by cmdr_adeon
Turner, GeorgeDrowning TowersACC 1988 - submitted by dormouse
Vess, CharlesThe Book of BalladsWith Emma Bull, Charles de Lint, Neil Gaiman, Sharyn McCrumb, Jeff Smith, Jane Yolen. Sounds interesting, though may need to wait a while to find cheap. H/B Nov 04 - submitted by dormouse
Weber, DavidWindrider's OathLibrary request by Tim. - submitted by Kvetch
Winsor, FThe Space Child's Mother GooseLibrary request by Dan. - submitted by Kvetch
Wright, John COrphans of ChaosNebula nominee 2005. - submitted by dormouse


Space: Above and Beyond - submitted by dormouse
laputa castle in the skyrecommended by mitul
- We do actually have this on a rather battered old copied video. I'd be reasonably i favour of getting a proper version but getting ti new may prove expensive -karne
- Seconded... though the old video copy is very watchable. It should be aired more often... -orpheo
- Note: Found out some stuff. This being released on video and DVD in October by Disney. However Disney have re-dubbed and re-scored it. The new dub is *ghastly*. -orpheo - submitted by random
1984film, release 1984
- hurt, burton, radford. http://www.imdb.com/Title?0087803. available on ebay but a pain to search for. -random - submitted by dormouse
Ringu 2(lib request)
- one for anime soc imho -karne
- imo this falls directly within our remit, being horror, and not anime. (plus it's fantastic) -tomsk - submitted by dormouse
Abres los ojos(lib request)
- not convinced this is SF in any shape or form... -karne
- it is sf. it about cryogenics and vr i would say thats sf. -bob
- thanks bob. will keep an eye out for it (although it seems hard to find) -dormouse - submitted by dormouse
SeaQuest DSVSeries 1 & 2 were good. Also has a silly number of other-sf-series guest stars :) Not so impressed by series 3. - submitted by dormouse
Dangerman'prequel' to The Prisoner. James Bond-like series with Patrick McGoohan - surprisingly these are top-quality stories even now. The first series (39 half-hour eps) isn't so good, half an hour isn't long enough for a proper story, so wouldn't bother with that unless it's cheap. The later series are great though (45min/hr eps)
- called "Secret Agent" in US -dormouse - submitted by dormouse
Ginger Snaps UnleashedI am told that this is good. And it has been suggested that we might want to get the original on DVD too. - submitted by clanger
Millenium1 vote - submitted by karne
The Celestial ToymakerOne of the best (reportedly) early dr who stories, and I've not seen it, so if any does then could we please buy it. - submitted by siberman

Graphic Novel

Battle Royal(lib request) - anyone know if it's good?
- i think it is. -bob - submitted by dormouse
Miller, FrankSin Citylibrary copy is all fallen apart. Film coming out of this soon. - submitted by dormouse hunted by lem08
PriestQuantum and Woody (any of the series)The best thing acclain ever published and it got cancelled. Theres no justice. Superhero story, if the superheros were best friends, who couldnt stand each other. Doesnt let you take it a bit seriously. Oh and theres a goat.
- goat?!? -karne
- Can someone tell me if these are any good? Seriously any good? Graphic novels are expensive.. -karne
- Well, I liked them enough to pay for them - I have the first two paperbacks if you want to read them, to make your own judgement. They are all out of print now (4 in total), which makes them harder to come by, but I'll be going off to a comic market next weekend (4th May), at which point I can look for things like this. -JohnCKirk - submitted by alia




Wayne, JeffJeff Wayne's War of the WorldsAdded from Paper list by Fluffy (19/10/100) Request to upgrade to CD of this, totally ought to be in the library - submitted by as906