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Add a commentA Necklace of Fallen Stars
Beth Hilgartnernot available on amazon or ebay -M - random

(book submitted by dormouse)

Hunt for me!
Add a commentThe Dark Tower
Stephen KingBook 7, Dark Tower Series, we have rest. Library Request.

(book submitted by Rosie)

Hunt for me!
Add a commentColour of Magic
TV Version, Recentish

(dvd submitted by Kvetch)

Hunt for me!
Add a commentDoctor Who: New Series
Need to catch up.

(dvd submitted by Kvetch)

Hunt for me!
Add a commentDeath Comics
Pretty vague request. I might deal with it if I find time, or I will if someone can be more specific for me
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- muziyu muziyu

(graphic novel submitted by Lucy McGregor)

Add a commentWings of Honneamise
Hiroyuki YamagaAdded from Paper list by Fluffy (19/10/100)

Request to be upgraded to DVD from VHS

Costs the earth! - Lucy
- I understand it to be genuinely worth watching, however, so worth upgrading for more than space reasons. - Kvetch

(dvd submitted by Fluffy Alex)

Add a commentGoatsong
Tom Holt

(book submitted by dormouse)

Hunt for me!
Add a commentSpace: Above and Beyond

(video submitted by dormouse)

Hunt for me!
Add a commentThe Inadequate Adept
simon hawkehave 2nd in series - k

(book submitted by random)

Hunt for me!
Add a commentPs238: Volumes we don't have

(graphic novel submitted by Kvetch)


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