Morningtide Previews Begin

Posted by Siberman (8th Jan 2008, 07:01) -

there is also a preview card each day in the bar on the left.

today we start with elf life gain.

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 Siberman ( 8th Jan 2008, 07:02, Rank: Mentat )  reply

leaf crowned elder ( allows you to pt the top card of your library into play if its a treefolk or shaman.

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 Siberman ( 8th Jan 2008, 07:03, Rank: Mentat )  reply

of course, this one I hate. ( it's not as though equipment was particularly underpowered as it was you know.

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 Siberman ( 9th Jan 2008, 11:32, Rank: Mentat )  reply

( Vendilion Clique for messing with people's hands. also Sage of fables for card advantage

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 karne ( 9th Jan 2008, 11:49, Rank: GSV )  reply

Collected preview cards are here: (

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 karne ( 9th Jan 2008, 12:11, Rank: GSV )  reply

Leaf crowned elder -> impressive, i like that ability :)

Rhys -> finally, an aggressive elf lord :)

Stonehewer Giant -> Oo, I have a home for him :)

Vendilion Clique -> fantastic design on this one

Also, Frogtosser Banneret wins the prize for the silliest name so far..

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 karne ( 9th Jan 2008, 16:46, Rank: GSV )  reply

Hey Simon - you free this weekend? I would email but I don't know what you're currently using!

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 Siberman ( 10th Jan 2008, 07:04, Rank: Mentat )  reply

yes; you can still use my imperial address.

still with the cards; the site is showing mind spring (xuu draw x cards), while ( shows the inverse - mind shatter xBB target player discards x cards

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