Sneaky Morningtide Previews (SPOILERS)

Posted by gaspode (15th Dec 2007, 22:50) -

Five cards from the upcoming Magic: the Gathering set 'Morningtide' were previewed by members of Magic R&D at the recent World Championships in New York City. They include three rares and two commons including a card of every colour except black. Article contains SPOILERS for those who wish to avoid them.

The white merrow looks to me like yet another component of the tappy-untappy-do-everythingy engine of irritation that is Merfolk in Lorwyn block. Distant Melody looks like some useful draw for blue - no doubt to be helped along by the application of changelings and Tribal cards. The two Changelings look alright, and a bit more interesting than many of the Lorwyn changelings. As for the land, I guess I'd better get working on that Horde of Notions deck...

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 karne ( 19th Dec 2007, 11:53, Rank: GSV )  reply

Nifty :)

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 karne ( 2nd Jan 2008, 11:04, Rank: GSV )  reply

A few more have been recently added to the above link.

Maralen is game breaking and you *really* don't want to kill the Borderguards!

Meadowboon appears to be a Kamagawa escapee, Sage of Fables is.. daft :) and lets not talk about the flying 10/10.

The semi-permanent Giant Growth is an interesting twist - although I'm not sure it's very good.

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 karne ( 2nd Jan 2008, 11:06, Rank: GSV )  reply

Re Maralen - see Aven Mindcensor :)

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 karne ( 2nd Jan 2008, 11:10, Rank: GSV )  reply

Also rumours of a new Mishra's Factory :))

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