Joss Whedon off Wonder Woman

Posted by Sulkyblue (3rd Feb 2007, 09:19) -

Joss has dropped/been dropped from writing duties on Wonder Woman, he reports his vision for the film was too different to the studio's.

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 peace ( 12th Feb 2007, 00:41, Rank: Spoo )  reply

I am a fan of Wonder Woman and I think that Lynda Carter did a perfect job portraying the character. It is taking too long to find an actress to play the role. The perfect person to play the part is Charlize Theron. Think about it: She's tall, curvy, and has a beautiful and kind face, just like Lynda Carter. The only thing they would need to change or enhance would be to make sure her hair is long and dark, and there you have the perfect Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman is supposed to be an over the top gorgeous amazon. She should not be played by someone who is too thin, too short, or just basically a knotch above average in looks. If they are not going to pick Charlize, they need to find a tall, voluptuous brunette knock-out.

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