Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut

Posted by John Kirk (21st Oct 2006, 16:05)

A new edition of "Superman II" is being released on DVD on November 28th. This is apparently the film that the original director wanted to make before he was fired, so I gather it will be significantly different to the current version.

There's a full page advert for this in the latest DC comic I bought - one interesting thing is that it's in the form of a letter from Richard Donner, so it's much more text heavy than the average advert with a photo of the actors. Curiously there's no web link given, so I've copied it below. Dear DC Readers,

For the past 25 years, whenever I find myself in the company of my fellow comic fans, the conversation eventually comes round to SUPERMAN and the question: "If you had finished SUPERMAN II, what would have been different?" There were fans who loved the first movie more for its grand mythology, fans who thought the second movie's epic battles still hadn't been equaled in a superhero film, but they all wanted to know what I would have done differently. All I could say was, "It would have been very different. It would have stayed true to the tradition of SUPERMAN THE MOVIE."

Now, because of you and all the Superman fans who asked to see my cut of SUPERMAN II, all of us will now have the opportunity to see SUPERMAN II the way it was originally written and directed, with the exception of some scenes that were shot by the other director that we could not go back and reshoot. Working with diligent researchers from Warner Bros., under Michael Thau's editing and producing guidance we've unearthed reels of footage we shot for the movie that were left on the cutting room floor or scenes that were reshot in a different way by my successor on the project. The film has been completely re-edited not only to incorporate this lost footage, but to adjust it to its original sensibilities. It's been an incredible experience - almost like having Chris spin the Earth backward, hurtling us back in time to finish a film I loved, as did Chris. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I have enjoyed seeing SUPERMAN II restored as it was originally conceived and intended to be seen.

Love and thanks to you all.


Richard Donner

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