Time Spiral Preview

Posted by karne (23rd Aug 2006, 17:40) -

First glimpse of a Time Spiral card - and it's another lotus..

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read biography for - Siberman

 Siberman ( 23rd Aug 2006, 21:00, Rank: Mentat )  reply

interesting: not sure how counters work being on something which is removed from the game - can you take them off (somehow) using other (power conduit/aether snap style)

nice card and interesting mechanic though...

off topic: I've been out of london... i could be around next week, apart from monday, if anyone wants to meet up for magic/coffee something? also: I owe lorna money for tht box of cards.

read biography for - Beale

 Beale ( 24th Aug 2006, 01:43, Rank: Cylon Centurion )  reply

Unfortunately, this mechanic doesn't work as written, since it implies you can Suspend at instant speed no matter what type of card.

Also, I hate cards that have activated or triggered abilities while not in play.

read biography for - Siberman

 Siberman ( 24th Aug 2006, 10:00, Rank: Mentat )  reply

unless the word 'play' is meant to mean whenevr you could play it normally? (tenuous and not their usualy meaning i know)

read biography for - karne

 karne ( 24th Aug 2006, 11:55, Rank: GSV )  reply

I think play assumes 'play as normal'..

It's fairly clear what they want it to do anyway :)

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 karne ( 24th Aug 2006, 12:06, Rank: GSV )  reply

Also - 8 cards previewed in Scrye:

Corel trickster (

Strangling Soot (

Grapeshot (

Krosan Grip ( - isn't this an interrupt? heh

Scion of the Ur-Dragon ( (purrrr)

Chronotog Totum ( - wtf?

Kher Keep (

Terramorphic Expanse ( - broken!!

hmm, looks like spiral has a bit of a mechanic overload.. and merfolk :)

I can see I'm going to have to rebuild a lot of old decks..

read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse ( 24th Aug 2006, 12:12, Rank: Jedi )  reply

um... ok well that explains the name "Time Spiral"... this should be fun :) Though it's strange to see that volume of back-references/mechanics in a main expansion. I guess they aren't afraid of scaring newer players.

btw you worried me with "Corel" trickster ;)

read biography for - karne

 karne ( 24th Aug 2006, 12:13, Rank: GSV )  reply

heh - I'm too asleep to type correctly..

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 Siberman ( 24th Aug 2006, 12:45, Rank: Mentat )  reply

looks good to me

read biography for - Sulkyblue

 Sulkyblue ( 24th Aug 2006, 12:57, Rank: Nazgul )  reply

Atogs? Morphs? KOLBOLDS?!


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