New sf coming up in the US

Posted by Sulkyblue (7th Jun 2006, 12:29) -

Not a huge amount of sf around next season, but there's a few shows that have elements in them. Of course whether any of them will last more than 3 weeks is another matter entirely ;0)

Eureka - starts July 18th, a town comprising of geniuses collected by the government in one place. The only names I recognise are Matt Frewer and Debrah Farentino (Devon from Earth 2), although it's not clear if their guests of regulars. Could be fun.
Heroes - looks like a mixture of X-Men, Odyssey 5 and 4400, looks like it could be interesting if it manages to be different enough from the other shows.
Day Break - a kinda groundhog day concept created by Rob Bowman (X-Files) and starring Taye Diggs, Adam Baldwin and featuring Mitch Pileggi. They're going to have to work hard to not make it repetitive.
The Dresden Files - based on the books by Jim Butcher about a private detective/wizard. Being produced by Nicolas Cage, Robert Hewitt Wolfe (DS9, 4400) and someone else. A lot is going to depend on how good a lead Paul Blackthorne manages to be.
Also maybe interesting -
The Nine - a hostage drama and the aftermath, co-staring John Billingsley (Enterprise, Phlox)
Drive, Tim Minear's new series currently scheduled for mid-season on (shudder)Fox.

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read biography for - bigbob

 bigbob ( 7th Jun 2006, 12:43, Rank: Psycho Historian )  reply

from what i read a while back matt frewer was a regular on eureka

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 Sulkyblue ( 7th Jun 2006, 15:56, Rank: Nazgul )  reply

He would certainly fit as a resident of a town full of mad-scientists ;0)

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