SpaceX Falcon 1 Lost

Posted by karne (25th Mar 2006, 12:16) -

The launch of Falcon 1 was successful but the vehicle and its payload was lost moments later. Very disapointing but SpaceX says they'll keep trying.

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 Kvetch ( 25th Mar 2006, 13:35, Rank: Killer Rabbit )  reply


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 Siberman ( 26th Mar 2006, 13:47, Rank: Mentat )  reply


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 Smithers ( 26th Mar 2006, 20:52, Rank: Brain Slug )  reply

This is certainly a setback - they had a lot of currency in how reliable they had made every component, and scubbed three times because they weren't taking any chances on their first launch.

I suppose people don't make comments about things 'not being rocket science' for nothing...

Elon Musk says he has enough money to cover three failed launch attempts. Well, one down, two to go.

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 karne ( 27th Mar 2006, 15:03, Rank: GSV )  reply


cause 'fire', I guess something failed under the vibration or something..

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