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Posted by Kvetch (23rd Mar 2006, 01:16)

Recently found by a DPCS minion, you've probably seen these floating around the library, but if not, herein find some annual reports from a *very* long time ago.

Science Fiction Society Annual Report 1980-1981

President: Jonathan Flint
Treasurer: Mark Jeffcock
Secretary: Elise Pechersky
Publicity: Ken Mann
Librarian: Andrew Bradbrook
Projectors: Denise Howe
1st Year Rep: Graham Woodhouse
2nd Year Rep: John Chamberlain
3rd Year Rep: Michael Price

The Year started well with a three-fold increase in membership compared to last year. By mid year this stood at 82.

The principle bulk activities of the society was [sic] showing films. During the course of the year these were
7/10/80 Rollerball
18/11/80 Quintet
12/1/81 Fahrenheit 451
3/2/81 Santa claws conquers the Martians, Hardware Wars
10/3/81 Rocky Horror Picture Show
5/5/81 Flesh Gordon

Despite problems with projectors, maximum audiences ranged up to 300. These films paid for themselves and some provided a profit.

The S.F. Soc. library of paper-backs was available to all members at comitee meetings each Friday. This library now has approximately 250 books, and increase of 60 over last year. This increase has necessitated a search for a permanent home for the books. The society regularly sends a large contingent to the monthly British Science Fiction Society meeting in Hammersmith, and as a result have become widely known in the national S. F. community. This has produced a large number of comments, in the recognised S. F. press, about I. C. The society continued it’s rise to national stardom by visits to science fiction conventions in Keel, Birmingham and Leeds. We made such and impression, in our resplendent blue and gold S.F. uniforms that we’ve been asked to provide an alternative program for an autumn (?) convention.

The society has two publications, Perihelion a literary review-based magazine and N. M. E. a more light-hearted offering, rag-mag style. Sales of these nearly break even over production costs.

The author John Sladek came to speak to us last term on cybernetics

Trips out to various west end S. F. Films have been organised and fairly well attended, and a picnic on Primrose Hill is planned.

The S.F. Soc bulletins in Felix have become the literary base-line for student satire. Dr H. J. Pain (Physics Admissions Tutor) said “The only thing worth reading in Felix” about these humble paragraphs.

The society’s other activities are very many and varied, ranging from the fairly sensible to the ideas Elise has.

Also during the year the following individuals and groups have been thoroughly annoyed by our activities:
Dean Forster Physics II
Micro-processor Club
Steve Marshal
F. D. A. (Film distributors)
Annie in the Union Office
and Everyone with a film Projector
we also tried to annoy Dave Afolabi (?) but failed completely

Jonathan Flint


Science Fiction Society Chairman’s Report 1981-1982
Last years membership ~80
This years 180+
Next year (forecast) ~230

This year the society has shown 9 films including several major ones (2001, Alien, Carrie and the cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”)

We have had two authors to give talks which drew an audience of over 70, played a game of Superheroes “What’s my line” and produced two more fanzines. The traditional S. F. Soc outings have continued with trips to see “American Werewolf [in London?]”, “Heavy Metal”, “Shock Treatment”, “The Wild Women of Wonga” [the last doesn’t even seem to have an entry on IMDB!] etc.

The British S. F. Association’s “Eastercon” at Brighton was attended by about 14 members of our society over the Easter bank holiday, which is the biggest S. F. event in this country every year. It is hoped that our activity will continue next year with the following committee (as of next year)

Chairman: Mark Jeffcock Ø 3
Secretary: K. C. Mann Ø 3
Treasurer: Tim Fern Maths 3
Publicity Officer: Guy
Riddihough Life Sci. 2
Librarian: Brian Haunton Maths 3
Projectionist: Paul Griffin Maths 3
Scapegoat (incorporating Dogsbody): K. Fearnley

Out-going Chairman,

Graham Woodhouse Ø 2


Science Fiction Society Annual Report 1983-1984

Paid up membership: 175

The society has prospered during the last year due to the unflagging enthusiasm of the committee. We have introduced new science fiction orientated social events into our well established programme such as: Science fiction “Call My Bluff” and various games with a science fictin bias.

We have shown seven films during the year: “Scanners”, “Nude Bomb”, “Wizards”, “Oh Lucky Man”, “Lord of the Rings”, “Dr. Strangelove” and “Shock Treatment”. We sent a group of nine people to Albacon, a science fiction convention held in Glasgow; this lead to us challenging and beating the Sci Fi society from Queen Mary College at “Call My Bluff”. We also invited Dave Langford, who is a Sci Fi author, who gave us a very amusing talk on writing his first novel. Finally, we printed our 4th edition of our fanzine, “N. M. E. 4” which as been the best one so far, and we have expanded our library considerably.


[Hand written piece of paper listing ICSF achievements for an unstated year �" from website, I’d guess it was the year 1983-1984]

Altered States
Flesh Gordon [I think it reads Flesh]

Call my Bluff

Science Fiction Conventions:
Picocon I
Picocon II

Library of 500+ books

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read biography for - Siberman

 Siberman ( 23rd Mar 2006, 09:52, Rank: Mentat )  reply

there should be more in the union archive, I just can't be bothered to find them at teh moment.

read biography for - Kvetch

 Kvetch ( 23rd Mar 2006, 11:07, Rank: Killer Rabbit )  reply

If you ever do, I really like reading things like that...

Sad, aren't I?

read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse ( 23rd Mar 2006, 12:18, Rank: Jedi )  reply

cool :) thanks both of you!

More material to add to the History sections...

read biography for - karne

 karne ( 23rd Mar 2006, 12:35, Rank: GSV )  reply

Hey Kvetch, interested in formally taking on the History's and Epics section of the site?


It could use a revamp :)

read biography for - Cristina

 Cristina ( 23rd Mar 2006, 12:44, Rank: Jhereg )  reply

Also during the year the following individuals and groups have been thoroughly annoyed by our activities

I think this year we have manage less people, but having that as part of an official report make me laugh.

read biography for - Ben

 Ben ( 23rd Mar 2006, 17:09, Rank: Red Shirt )  reply

a picnic on Primrose Hill is planned - ICSF, 1981

If this hasn't happened yet, I suggest we get right on it! I'm bringing Humus!

read biography for - Kvetch

 Kvetch ( 23rd Mar 2006, 20:16, Rank: Killer Rabbit )  reply

mmmm. houmous.

I'm up for it!

read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse ( 23rd Mar 2006, 19:28, Rank: Jedi )  reply

you are dclements ;)

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