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Posted by Sulkyblue (24th Feb 2006, 10:38) -

"The drama is inspired by Doctor Who, but there will be no fictional crossover between the two programmes." What on earth does that mean?

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 John Kirk ( 24th Feb 2006, 14:31, Rank: Patrician )  reply

I assume that means that:

a) There won't be any stories like "Buffy"/"Angel" used to do, where you get part 1 in "Torchwood" and part 2 in "Dr Who". That sounds reasonable, since my understanding is that the series will alternate during the year (6 months of "Torchwood", then 6 months of "Dr Who").

b) You won't see the TARDIS turning up in "Torchwood", or Captain Jack showing up in a "Dr Who" episode. I doubt that they'll stick to this in the long run, but it makes sense to keep the series separate early on, to establish their own identity. That seemed to be a rule in the Trek spin-offs (aside from a cameo in the first episode of each one), and ditto for "Frasier" vs "Cheers". I heard something similar about the possibility of characters from "Friends" showing up in "Joey" - the comment was that they wanted to wait until the audience would be just as interested in seeing Chandler meet the nephew as they would be in the reunion aspect.

So, not an amazingly clear press release, but I think it makes sense :)

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