Christopher Ecclestone quits as Doctor overs 'fears of being typecast'!

Posted by Kath (31st Mar 2005, 10:24) -

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read biography for - Richard

 Richard ( 31st Mar 2005, 10:44, Rank: Dust Puppy )  reply

I can understand his reasons but it seems to have been badly timed. Its a it of a downer just when they needed lots of people to watch it. It may also affect the ammount that the beeb can get for it overeas if they know that it wont have the level of continuity that other series might.

I would have hoped for at least 2 or 3 series to relly get it on it's feet, but i suppose that after that he would never have been able to be anyhitng else again.

We SF fans want commitment form our stars dammit we invest a lot in watching /supporting a programme and we expect the actors to do the same ;]

And its probaly that fact that makes it such a career killer.

Although it still looks excellent. Lets hope tat the 10th doctor will last a bit longer.

read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse ( 31st Mar 2005, 10:47, Rank: Jedi )  reply

agreed on all points.... particularly the commitment bit ;) tis a shame.

read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse ( 31st Mar 2005, 10:53, Rank: Jedi )  reply

anyway he's probably too late ;) it's a role for life, not just for christmas! (easter)

read biography for - Richard

 Richard ( 31st Mar 2005, 11:47, Rank: Dust Puppy )  reply

Anyone seen anyhting that this new bloke has been in?

read biography for - Billy

 Billy ( 31st Mar 2005, 11:53, Rank: Tripod )  reply

I saw about 2 minutes of Casanova the other day and turned off - David Tennant is the lead in that...he'd be quite a young Dr, which I don't think would work. Bill Nighy would rock, but that's just because imo he does rock in general...

read biography for - Richard

 Richard ( 31st Mar 2005, 14:25, Rank: Dust Puppy )  reply

That would be great but i dont see the beeb doing it somehow .. a bit too off the wall for them. Still we can but hope.

read biography for - Sulkyblue

 Sulkyblue ( 31st Mar 2005, 14:36, Rank: Nazgul )  reply

I'm really quite annoyed by this. How utterly ridiculous can you get? Did he not realise that being the Doctor might effect his future? I don't see how he can really be that worried about being typecast seeing as he's previously been typecast as 'gritty northern bloke with the ears'. I'm amazed the bbc didn't have him in a more restrictive contract (cf in the us standard tv contracts are at least 5 years).

Bah. humbug.

read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse ( 31st Mar 2005, 15:28, Rank: Jedi )  reply

( the article on "who's next" for anyone who hasn't spotted it already

read biography for - Kath

 Kath ( 31st Mar 2005, 16:31, Rank: Dust Puppy )  reply

Not Alan Davies noooo! The others look like good suggestions though - David Tennant has been very good in Casanova, and bill Nighty or Richard E Grant would just rock :)

read biography for - Richard

 Richard ( 1st Apr 2005, 09:11, Rank: Dust Puppy )  reply

tbh David Thewlis would be very good as well, hes not done so much high profile stuff (altghough he was in dragonheart as the evil king) but he has a slighty darker aspet to him than the others. Trouble is he appears to be last in the bbc poll ;] Other than that i would say people are right to favour Richard E Grant, hes capable of that same crazy energy and can also do dark things quite well, although recently he has lapsed into playing one character a lot, i think if he didnt find it boring he would be very good. My favourite suggestion was Bobs one of Peter O'Tool which would be just incredible.

read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse ( 1st Apr 2005, 09:34, Rank: Jedi )  reply

( - site's updated; there will be a live chat with eccleston online after the next episode.

read biography for - John Kirk

 John Kirk ( 1st Apr 2005, 11:48, Rank: Patrician )  reply

I quite like the idea of giving Paul McGann another shot at it. He's been doing audio stories (sold on CD) since the film, so he presumably isn't worried about typecasting in the same way, and Dr Who has the advantage that you can show episodes non-sequentially like that.

read biography for - gaspode

 gaspode ( 7th Apr 2005, 14:13, Rank: Killer Rabbit )  reply

Doctor Withnail!

\"We've gone on holiday by accident... I demand more booze! Are you the dalek?"

\"Don't be stupid Doctor, of course he's the f***ing dalek!"

read biography for - Sulkyblue

 Sulkyblue ( 7th Apr 2005, 14:15, Rank: Nazgul )  reply

Quote of the day on the bbc magazine:

\"I'd love to be considered for the part but the episodes are likely to be somewhat shorter" - Ronnie Corbett

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