Half-Life 2 released

Posted by John Kirk (16th Nov 2004, 09:42)

I don't know about retail stores, but the Steam files on my PC just got unlocked, so the game now runs. Looks very pretty - now I just need to figure out how it works :)

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 karne ( 23rd Nov 2004, 10:37, Rank: GSV )  reply

First thoughts;

Downsides; Steam (yuck), slow install (takes about 45 min) and a really crufty interface (ages to load, no quick save, tends to stick with cycling audio on saving, crashes sometimes on resolution changes). Also a tendency towards large and slightly empty levels.

Upsides; it's half-life. Valve have done a great job with the game play - with all the polish and slick of the original. The graphics are impressive, particularly the character animation (glad to see that ECTC trailer was real footage), the physics engine is a great addition and the weapons are really fun to use (gravity gun + circular saw blade + zombie = inspired). The story's very well written too - take the time to talk to characters, it's worth it.

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 Sulkyblue ( 23rd Nov 2004, 14:10, Rank: Nazgul )  reply

Yup. I'll agree with all that. I had a spectacularly frustrating time installing it (hint - when it says you can opt out of installing counter strike - it's lying) and even the successful install took me about an hour and a half.

The game is most definately half-life 2 with all that entails. It looks spectacular, particularly the architectural bits at the begining. The Physics engine is huge fun and very realistic. The game play is a bit linear if you compare it with some other games, and some of the sections go on a little too long imho. Also the vehicles while good for a first attempt, just don't compare well with UT or Halo. I'll prattle more when i've got further ;0)

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 karne ( 25th Nov 2004, 11:29, Rank: GSV )  reply

I'm finding the vehicles hard to control but even more fun for all that ]:=8) At least the game doesn't have cliff all over the place for you to drive off as does Halo. Hmm.. the bug bait is fun ]:=8)

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 karne ( 29th Nov 2004, 17:24, Rank: GSV )  reply

People confused by half-life's time line and plot might like this: ( It contains mild spoilers but gives an excellent over view of what's goingon and why - the story is suprisingly sophisticated.

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