Neil Gaimon's Death

Posted by Sulkyblue (23rd Jul 2004, 17:21) -

Death: The High Cost of Living has been picked up for a film, the script has been written by Gaiman and he's apparently also in talks to direct it.

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read biography for - Shuri

 Shuri ( 24th Jul 2004, 06:03, Rank: Soup Dragon )  reply


For the love of Gufnork, don't post titles like that! It scared the living daylights out of me! I was about to put in an order for white roses and everything!

*goes to take a valium*

read biography for - dormouse

 dormouse ( 24th Jul 2004, 10:15, Rank: Jedi )  reply

it concerned me slightly too ;)

read biography for - Sulkyblue

 Sulkyblue ( 24th Jul 2004, 10:29, Rank: Nazgul )  reply

I figured I'd resort to shock tactics to get people to read stuff ;o)

I'd probably be slightly more respectful and get the page to not display a small "pow" speech bubble...

read biography for - John Kirk

 John Kirk ( 24th Jul 2004, 21:00, Rank: Patrician )  reply

On a related note, "Neverwhere" is being turned into a comic: ( It's being written by Mike Carey, who does Lucifer (and has so far included four of the Endless), so I'm confident that it's in good hands.

read biography for - Baz

 Baz ( 25th Jul 2004, 06:20, Rank: Jhereg )  reply

Jeebus, for the love of ...

That title realy gave me a start momentarily.

It's good news though :-) Probably my favourite Endless related storyline that one.

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