More hope for Farscape

Posted by karne (5th Apr 2004, 21:53) -

Sci Fi confirms that Farscape will return as a mini series. Farscape: Peacekeeper War will show last quarter this year and will continue were season 4 left on. Most excellent.

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 karne ( 5th Apr 2004, 22:13, Rank: GSV )  reply

yeah i know it's old news but it's nice to have it confirmed ]:=8P

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 Sulkyblue ( 6th Apr 2004, 10:08, Rank: Nazgul )  reply

Yup they've been filming for a couple of months already with all the sets and cast back in Australia. They are however being extremely tight with any spoilers, that's the most information I've heard about it in all this time.

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