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read biography for - Ed Walker

 Ed Walker ( 3rd Nov 2003, 10:12, Rank: Swamp Dragon )  reply

erm, think this is complete pigswill, saw alien directors cut on saturday at a cineworld, uci also seem to have it.

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 Sulkyblue ( 3rd Nov 2003, 18:07, Rank: Nazgul )  reply

Not exactly pigswill, just over-exagerated.
From ( "Seems Friday's article caused all sorts of misinterpretations from a variety of Pommie readers. The thrust of the article was that Fox seemed to be overcharging on prints and as a result a lot of UK theatres looked like they weren't going to carry the film over the weekend - thus turning what was to be a wide release into a small limited one (just like the US). The good news is quite a few did screen the movie and those who did catch it sounded very happy, but don't think its going to be easy to find or around for long if further reports are any indication. 'Dan' has more on how the original plans were changed - "Initially slated as a 'wide' release, Fox cut the print run down and so it became "selected". There are approx 100 prints in the country, of which Odeon have 26, which are booked in to the bigger multiplexes. Expect them to filter around a lot of smaller cinemas over the coming weeks". 'Neth' has some concerns too: "I've noticed that most cinemas that ARE showing the film are only screening it once or twice in the evening, with most completely yanking it from screens mid-week to pave the way for Revolutions on Wednesday which is a shame, really. I can understand why the cinema chains are reluctant to pay full price for a film that's been widely available to homes for twenty years, though - a good percentage of the population are no doubt oblivious to the fact that it's a spruced-up print with some new material". So fans out there should catch it while they can as it won't be around for long it seems. Thanks also to 'Gav', 'John', 'Patrick', 'Trinity the Purple' & 'JS'"

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 John Kirk ( 6th Nov 2003, 00:32, Rank: Patrician )  reply

When I went to watch "Matrix Revolutions" at the Warner tonight (which I enjoyed, incidentally), the woman checking tickets was wearing an "Alien re-release" T-shirt. Assuming that this is part of the staff uniform, that suggests that Warner are still planning to show it. Or it may just mean that it was the only shirt she had clean...

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