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 karne ( 20th Oct 2003, 11:40, Rank: GSV )  reply

Deep space 9 has also been released in the lunch box style season packs. Saw a whole load in HMV - they really don't seem to be selling. I can help but wonder if this is becauses the cases themselves are flipping ugly?

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 dormouse ( 20th Oct 2003, 12:32, Rank: Jedi )  reply

18 quid for a season? that's pretty good! The HMV sets were on sale for about 45.

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 John Kirk ( 20th Oct 2003, 14:29, Rank: Patrician )  reply

Ah, no, it's 18 quid per DVD, so it would cost 126 quid for the entire season. This is the equivalent of the VHS tapes that we have in the library - 4 episodes per DVD, except that the last one has 2 episodes and special features. The survey asked how many I intended to buy, and I said "none". It then asked "how many would you buy at 15.99?", and I said "none" again. It then asked "how about 12.99?", and I still said "none", but it didn't go any lower than that.

Speaking of pricing, there was an interesting survey question about the Voyager boxsets, asking what discount would be the most attractive. I voted for "buy 6 seasons, get 1 free", although I'm not planning to buy any of them.

As for DS9, I know that the R1 packaging is slightly different to the R2 packaging, but it's obviously personal preference about which you think is nicer. An ugly case wouldn't put me off buying the DVDs, since I don't spend much time looking at it. I probably will get the DS9 sets at some point, but full price is a bit too expensive for me at the moment. I think I'll wait until all 7 are out, then see if they do a big box set like they have done for TNG.

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