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 dormouse ( 20th Oct 2003, 09:08, Rank: Jedi )  reply

Me & karne went along to this, and thought it was worth it: it was mostly old stuff (sf, fantasy, horror, crime, romance) and not recent authors (apart from those who where there signing), so we wouldn't recommend it as a fresher's event. It was one room, roughly UDH size, with stalls round the edge and authors signing in the middle; it wasn't crowded while we were there (2-3ish) and the authors started signing just before then, according to the friendly fantasy centre guy who pointed us in the right direction when we got there :)

Books varied from cheap p/bs (1-3 quid) to rare mint condition expensive stuff.

It's an annual event (this was the 14th), which usually seems to take place in a hotel in Victoria.

I think, for future years, the following people may be interested in going:

  • Librarian(s), to fill in holes in the collection cheaply, and find older request list stuff (eg we picked up The Variable Man (PKD), some Pohl, Bradley, le Guin, Pournelle, Stableford, Shaw, and one book with a marvellous title that you will have to look on the new books shelf to see ;)) There probably won't be vast quantities, we only got 10 books.
  • Picocon sofa, to talk to the authors and the booksellers. When we got there, there weren't many people about and certainly no signing queues. This year the 2 main bookstalls we bought stuff from were "The Talking Dead" (whose email is down as the contact on the source article), and (robbie - :D), both of whom were selling older stuff like I said, though I suspect they picked out the categories of stuff appropriate for this particular event.
  • People interested in the kind of books they're selling (doh)
  • People who want to talk to the authors or get books signed (also doh)

Certainly not a fresher's event, as i said, but worth notifying the members about.

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