JMS leaving Jeremiah

Posted by Sulkyblue (30th Jul 2003, 16:48) -

In what is becoming a motif - JMS has fallen out with the networks and says he will not return for a 3rd season of Jeremiah if it happens. Also comment that if the B5 dvds continue to do well, Crusade shuold get a similar treatment.

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 karne ( 30th Jul 2003, 17:20, Rank: GSV )  reply

And so another series dies [sigh]

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 John Kirk ( 30th Jul 2003, 18:11, Rank: Patrician )  reply

Well, as I understand it, Showtime have the legal rights to make a 3rd season without him, so it would just be a question of whether the viewing figures would drop significantly without JMS. Given that his job as creator has already been done (however iffy that might be, considering that the series is based on a comic), and that he hasn't been writing all of the episodes, it may not actually make a huge amount of difference.

Personally, if a 3rd season was made without him, then I'd watch the first episode or two to give it a fair shot before deciding whether to watch the rest (assuming that I stick with it throughout the second season).

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 karne ( 31st Jul 2003, 10:08, Rank: GSV )  reply

JMS is about the only thing keeping vaguely loyal to the series. The art direction and general acting quality really isn't very good.

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 Sulkyblue ( 31st Jul 2003, 10:58, Rank: Nazgul )  reply

I'm with John on this one, I'll give the series a go without JMS, but if it sucks, it sucks and I'll give up. acting wise season 2 is looking up with Sean Astin appearing in 'almost all' episodes. Yay! Hobitses!

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