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 John Kirk ( 13th Jul 2003, 13:17, Rank: Patrician )  reply

Just to clarify this, there will probably be some "wiggle room" for pre-orders. Basically, the shop has to submit their order to the distributor (Diamond) by a certain date (presumably the 17th), saying how many copies they want. Obviously, if customers have already added the title to their pull-list, then the shop will order at least that many copies, and probably a few more for the shelves. So, if you don't reserve the comic by the 17th, you can either try to get a copy on the shelves, or contact the shop before it arrives (6th August), and ask them to put a copy aside for you. You'd only be out of luck if all their extra "shelf copies" get reserved before you talk to them. Generally, it's only the real fringe comics that you have to order a couple of months in advance, e.g. "Soulsearchers & co". I've never had trouble reserving a Marvel/DC comic the day before it arrives.

Personally, after the delays with "Rising Stars", I'm tempted to wait for the paperbacks rather than buying the individual issues. On the other hand, since this is an ongoing series (rather than having a fixed number of issues like "Rising Stars" or "Midnight Nation"), the only way to guarantee getting the entire story is to wait x years until it's all finished.

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