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 John Kirk ( 9th Jul 2003, 12:26, Rank: Patrician )  reply

Well, it's obviously a shame when a series I enjoy gets cancelled. However, I'm not sure that I'd agree with everything in that article.

Apparently it's not as fashionable to lose money on science fiction

I don't really think it's a question of being fashionable - it's just good business sense. I think there may also be grants available for "cultural" programs that lose money, which wouldn't be available for SF stuff. Leaving aside the question of whether piracy affects sales, I'm wondering whether it makes sense to charge more for tickets to certain films? E.g. textbooks cost more than novels (page for page), since they're aimed at a niche audience.

Seriously ... would you rather see "The Hours" or "The Hulk"? "The Pianist" or "Star Trek: Nemesis"?

I must admit, while I wasn't hugely impressed by "Nemesis", and I'm still unsure about whether I'll watch "Hulk" (but probably will), I haven't seen either of the other two, nor do I intend to.

On a more positive note, I was thinking recently that if "VR5" hadn't been cancelled then Anthony Head wouldn't have been able to play Giles in "Buffy". Similarly, if "Cleopatra 2525" hadn't been cancelled, then Gina Torres wouldn't have been able to play Zoe in "Firefly". So, it's possible that in a couple of years we'll be saying "Ah well, if 'Firefly' hadn't been cancelled then Summer Glau wouldn't have been available for 'Zero Squadron'".

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