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 John Kirk ( 8th Jul 2003, 10:44, Rank: Patrician )  reply

Hmm, some interesting points, but I'm a bit dubious about a couple of them. In particular:

Willow does a spell that takes power from the scythe and shares it equally among every Potential in the world, making everyone a slayer.

I didn't get the impression that there was any sharing going on - it seemed like the scythe was the key to unlocking the latent abilities within all the potentials, i.e. they all got full slayer strength, rather than 1/1000 of a scythe each. And I don't think the scythe was diminished in the process - Buffy and co seemed to be able to find it useful afterwards, and it apparently plays a key part in the comic series "Fray" (written by Joss Whedon about a slayer in the future).

Anya was originally due to be killed in The Gift but survived because she moved while Xander was holding her.

I'm surprised that they would change the following two seasons just because the actress didn't follow directions properly. And at ( it says "It has been rumored that Anya (played by Emma Caulfield) was supposed to be killed in Season five's finale 'The Gift' but Emma kept getting in the way of some shots which made it impossible for her to be dead. I have now just found out that Joss teased fans with this comment. it is not true!"

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