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 John Kirk ( 28th Jun 2003, 17:33, Rank: Patrician )  reply

Hmm, interesting stuff there, as you say. I like the way that he contradicts the interviewer from time to time, when the interviewer draws the wrong inference from what Joss is saying.

Looking at his comments on Buffy season 7 (minor spoilers):

I agree with his comment that it was too arc-based (paraphrasing), i.e. that lots of the episodes were working towards the end of the series, and didn't really stand up on their own (see my comments in a previous thread - ( However, when he then talked about not sending Dawn on a date, I think he missed the point a bit.

And speaking of spoilers, it's a nice ego-boost to see that I fall into his favoured category (the True Fan!), but in fairness I think he's overgeneralising about viewers. But I sympathise with his predicament when he can't trust the people who work for him, given how important his creative vision is to him.

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