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 karne ( 13th Jun 2003, 10:33, Rank: GSV )  reply

Many of these images are either boring faces shots or really blurry actions - why not relase something more interesting?

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 John Kirk ( 13th Jun 2003, 12:31, Rank: Patrician )  reply

(No actual spoilers, but I give opinions on the plot.)

Personally, I have some reservations about this film. I've read the novelisation (written by Peter David, who wrote the Hulk comic for 12 years), which I liked, although I felt the ending was a bit weak. One thing I noticed is that the Hulk himself (as opposed to Banner) didn't show up until page 100 of the novel - I'm guessing it won't take that long in the film. More generally, I think the author is trying to salvage a bad film, as best he can (although I obviously can't say that for certain, not having seen the film). For instance, there are a couple of bits that I recognise from the trailer, and the novel goes out of its way to say "Ok, these seem kind of weird, but there is a good reason for them, honest".

Actually, it reminded me of a novel I read a few years ago - "Love over Gold". (A romance story based around the original Gold Blend couple.) Although the basic premise of the book was "here's a longer version of the story in the adverts", the writer clearly didn't like the adverts. Each time they had an "advert scene" appearing in the novel, the woman got frustrated, because she thinks "Every time I try to have a meaningful conversation with him, he makes a fatuous comment about coffee!"

As far as the action scenes go, if they've been written to look impressive on the big screen then it makes sense that they wouldn't hold up so well in a different format. The problem is that I haven't been very impressed by the pictures/clips I've seen so far. The Hulk just looks kind of "rubbery", for want of a better word. I just don't accept him as being at the same level of reality as all the humans in the film. It's a similar issue to the CGI "Scooby Doo" from last year. I'm inclined to say that they're better off ramping down the reality level for everyone else, e.g. in a cartoon, to make it look more consistent.

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