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 John Kirk ( 29th May 2003, 12:49, Rank: Patrician )  reply

I don't really play computer games that much nowadays, but I would agree (from my limited perspective) that there's much less variety in PC games nowadays than there was in Commodore 64 games. I think it's partly because there's a drive to have high quality sound/graphics, which are only really feasible in certain types of games. One of my favourite C64 games was "The Spy Strikes Back", which I keep meaning to port to the PC one of these days (as an exercise in game programming more than anything else). There's a screen shot here - ( - it's a bit small, but you get the idea. Can you see anyone marketing a game that looks like that nowadays?

I'd say that Worms is one of the best games of recent years, but I was less impressed by the sequels, where they made it all seem more "cartoony". More recently, "Black and White" is fairly unusual, although it's a few years old now.

One category of games that they don't mention in the article is simulations. You see racing games in arcades a lot (car/bike), but I haven't seen them on PCs that much. On the plane/spaceship front, I like "Tie Fighter" a lot. I've said this before, but what I'd really like to see is a different kind of multiplayer game. So, rather than having 5 people, each in their own X-Wing, have a bigger ship (e.g. the Millennium Falcon), where one person is flying it, and a couple of other people are acting as gunners. I.e. everyone cooperates on the same mission. "Dambusters" did something similar, except that it was a one-player game, so you had to press a number between 1 and 8 to hop between the different crew positions, which could be rather challenging...

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 karne ( 29th May 2003, 13:03, Rank: GSV )  reply

I'm not sure it's so much that high graphics aren't feasible, it's that the amount of work needed to make a game is MUCH greater now than it used to be.

wrt to creative games, I agree with Black & White and worms, though the latter is VERY old now. I'd also throw in Dungeon Keeper and most games by Bullfrog. Other than that, the games I've enjoyed most have been true to the soul remakes of old games (e.g. the X series) or cross genres with strong story telling - system shock 2 and deus ex. None of these are very 'creative' though.

The coop vehicles is starting to appear with games like Tribes and WW1949 but I tend to feel these work better on consoles (where you can talk to your team mates!)

The trouble is, a new game concept will be hard to sell, but all new games need a new angle. As a result we end up with things like impossible creatures, which had a cool idea implimented as a really crappy game.

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