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 John Kirk ( 21st Apr 2003, 19:17, Rank: Patrician )  reply

Hmm, looks like it's not a continuation of the series then. I can understand why they'd do that (to appeal to a wider audience), and it's not necessarily a bad thing - the novels were essentially an alternate reality version of the series, and most of them were good. Mind you, the good ones (IMO) were written by Rob Grant rather than Doug Naylor (Naylor being the one behind the film), and I thought that the series went downhill in seasons 7/8 (which were only written by Naylor)... It's just a shame that they chose to end season 8 on a cliff-hanger, if they're not going to follow up on it. (On a related note, if I ever get the chance to meet Rob Grant at a convention/signing, I'd love to find out what Lister's plan for towing the Earth was.)

One other odd thing from that page - the editorial comment says "It [the blurb] also misses out Holly and Kochanski.", even though they are named on the flyer (if you click on the image). Ah well, I guess we'll see what happens.

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