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 karne ( 21st Mar 2003, 15:52, Rank: GSV )  reply

This is a multiplayer only demo btw:
As for my comments - hmm.. slow, badly designed HUD and uninspired weapons... Plays like a high tech version of counterstrike which will probably go down well with the online hoards were it not for the bad performance. Ok this is probably beta but I get unpleasently jerky movement at 800*600 on full textures (which aren't anything special - I don't expect to see blurred walls in a UT2003 game) - that's with no other players and nothign special on the physics side either so I've no idea where the frames are going. Add in no double jump/mantle, no bots and rather uninteresting junkyards maps and I'm really very dissapointed. I hope the full game is a LOT better than this!

1.2 Gig Athlon, Ti4200 128Mg, 512 ram - why is this game so SLOW!

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 karne ( 24th Mar 2003, 13:14, Rank: GSV )  reply

Looks like the developers have gone to work overtime to fix the problems - the performance has been patched and is now a LOT better. They also say they'll replace all the sounds and looks into the physics. Maybe they'll manage an 11th hour save?

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