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 John Kirk ( 28th Jan 2003, 18:35, Rank: Patrician )  reply

Thanks for that.

After the delay/speculation about the Hulk, I'd say he looks quite realistic in the trailer, but not particularly impressive - just looks like a big guy painted green. But it will probably benefit from a big screen, rather than a 2 inch window :)

I'm a bit dubious about Daredevil - in the comics, he's got hypersenses, but no superhuman abilities (e.g. strength/flight), so I'm not sure how he's supposed to survive a multi-storey fall... Looks like they may be borrowing a few effects from Spider-Man there.

For "The Matrix", I think the interesting parts will be how they deal with waking large numbers of people up (given that the Earth is a wasteland), rather than watching Neo in fights that we know he'll win (given the end of the first film).

T3 - well, it's more than we saw in the teaser trailer, but not really anything we haven't seen in previous films. Still, I'll certainly be watching it when it comes out, and I'm happy to be surprised.

Btw, a more direct link to the trailers is:

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