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 John Kirk ( 21st Jan 2003, 19:28, Rank: Patrician )  reply

Hmm. Well, I was interested to watch it, having seen a bit of the "behind the scenes" footage on the LotR DVDs, but if it wasn't for that connection then I'd be dismissing it as arty rubbish. Seemed like it was rather drawn out, for such a simple plot... I didn't spot any references (aside from the bus driver), but that may be the penalty of a high resolution (small window for video).

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 Sulkyblue ( 21st Jan 2003, 19:36, Rank: Nazgul )  reply

There's a LOTR poster on the side of the bus. I think there may have been something on the magazines in the rubish as well.
I actually liked it, it's a short film, it's not going to have much of a plot. A nice idea, well presented. My one quibble would be that it could have ended with the look at the complete poster and done away with the bus thing.

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