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 John Kirk ( 5th Jan 2003, 20:06, Rank: Patrician )  reply

The Lizard would be a good choice of villain - this was actually foreshadowed in the first film (if you listen carefully, and know the comics). Peter got fired from his job with Dr Connors (since he was always late), and Curt Connors is the guy who becomes the Lizard. Actually one of the more sensible "origins" in comics - he only had one arm, and wanted to figure out how lizards regenerated missing limbs, so that he could do the same thing for humans (starting with himself).

Doctor Octopus - hmm. In the comics, he's a short fat guy, and a few years back there were horrible rumours about casting Arnold Swarzenneger in that role...

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 karne ( 6th Jan 2003, 18:11, Rank: GSV )  reply

Arnie?? wibble Doctor Octi plus minigun ]:=8)

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