Michael Wright (karne)

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"Not enough snake in my ancestory.."

After growing up in the tranquility of the Croydon [!], London came as quite a culture shock to Michael. However, he quickly found a niche within ICSF, and has stayed there ever since. Right from the start, he got his foot on the career ladder by becoming Editor, and he later rose to the lofty ranks of ChairEntity. Now that he is doing a PhD, he has taken a step back to resume his roles as Librarian, and Chair of Vice.

When he's not in the library, Michael can often be found with his cohorts in the ICSF flat, surrounded by his collection of fluffy dragons. He also spends a lot of time crawling around behind computers, growling at their refusal to behave properly. In addition, he has drawn various pictures over the years.

Michael's favourite authors include Tad Williams and Graham Edwards. He is less enthused by more mainstream tastes, and will avoid Buffy if at all possible.  [show more]

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