Michelle Osmond (dormouse)

Ranking: Jedi

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"born to lurk!"

  • Ex-ICSF librarian, currently having fun as a web developer.
  • Originally a 'media fan' (Star Trek, dragonlance) but diverted towards 'real' books after joining the society. Likes the real books. Still a media fan.
  • Likes most TV sf, especially Babylon 5.
  • Lapsed physicist (1997-2001), now a programmer (2002-?), with a soft spot for classics (the Latin/Greek languages, not the literature)
  • Will organise or tidy things, if no-one's looking.
  • Likes bullet points.
  • Has been known to juggle occasionally, or at least pretend to organise jugglers.
  • Fervent supporter of the mostly-dead quietly recovering adventure game.
  • Likes to build Tragic decks, and Half-Life/Unreal maps, but doesn't play much of either.
  • Tendency to hibernate in winter months (ie anything < 20degC)
  • Previous loyalties: CLSG, BPS

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