James Barrett (Baz)

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"If you're not paranoid, why are you following me?"

Being a PhD student seems to agree with me rather well, all told. I was an undergrad at IC up until 2004-05 (and even edited Wyrmtongue for a while) - now I've moved on. I haven't moved too far though, I'm at King's College as a PG maths student (in Number Theory if anyone cares). I'm a habitual Linux user (Gentoo for preference) since 1997, and made the switch to Mac OS in October 2005. It's a nice OS on nice hardware.

I used to be a member of IC's wargames society as well (GURPS for preference) and am now running a weekly game of White-Wolf's "Exalted", despite never having liked White-Wolf games before -- it's strange how the wheel turns.

Generaly I'm around the library sometimes, no regular schedule though - weekday evenings are most likely. [show more]

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