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"Sex? With me? Well, maybe just a *little*..."

'ello there. My name's Tai, and I'm a Furr from London, now cruelly exiled during the holidays to the hellish wasteland that is Kent.

I like most Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but I'm a chronically lazy reader, and thus, although I love thought-provoking, intellectual Sci-fi, I tend to go for Fantasy books with predictable plots and happy endings, with all the main characters happily coupled, purdy spaceship Sci-fi or kewl Cyberpunk Gibsonesque stuff, just 'cos I'm too lazy to read real books :P

I love Sci-fi and Fantasy films and series of pretty much any description, especially Classic British stuff (of Red Dwarf rather than Blakes 7 vintage), and anything funny (go Evolution!) or pretty (take a bow, Star Wars...). I also adore Anim

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