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"Only you would do that..."

I joined ICSF in 1997, and I've been sofa for a couple of Picocons, despite the fact that I've never actually been a student at Imperial! My membership has now lapsed, so I'm not around college much, but I still loiter on the mailing lists.

I did my undergrad degree (Computer Science) at Durham from 1992-1995, and I've mostly been working since then. I took a year out to do an M.Sc. in Advanced Computing at Kings, and this will hopefully be followed by a PhD at some point.

When I'm not working, I obviously have an interest in science fiction. On TV, I watch the various incarnations of Star Trek, and I read Peter David's "New Frontier" novels, which are rather like an extra franchise. I also enjoy Buffy and Angel. [show more]

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