Cristina Rodriguez Trobajo (Cristina)

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""Sometimes, I try and picture you sitting on a beach with absolutely nothing to do." "And?" "And, the picture always ends with your head imploding""

Going back in time, I come from the north of Spain. No, it's not actually sunny there; in fact, it rains more than in England.
I've always been a geek since a very young age, but managed to resist the temptations of scifi until very late. It probably has to do with the 700 book collection my father has, and I wasn't going to read them, only because he said so. Until I started reading them behind his back. And eventually had to admit he was right all along.
Tired of the capital of boredom, I got myself a UWC scholarship and went to study in the middle of Nowhere Norway. After 2 years of fjord, I decided that I still wanted to do Aero Eng and that I wanted to do so in Imperial, especially because it was London. And somehow, despite my family's best efforts, I landed here. I managed to resist ICSF until that day when Alex and Adeon dragged me here. I don't think I have really left.
I survived Aero. This might possibly be one of my greatest achievements ever. Now I am a Mistress of Engineering. I have more or less finished finding all the little pieces of brain that went everywhere when I went crazy, and I'm back in the country, enjoying Bristol and living with Alex.
In the event of a lot of stress, just feed me some coffee and show me some cute kittens. The satellites I currently program don't have lasers, but all in due time.

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