Ben Bleach (Ben)

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"Bustin' makes me feel good..."

Honorary Wyld Stallyn and once and future King of the Moon, Ben was less born and more "woken" on a dark night in 1984 when the stars were believed to be right. Since that day, he has spread funk wherever he walks, and actively lowers groove resistance within a mile radius. The aged, the infirm, even infants have been reported to spontaneously bust a move simply from being in his presence. A firm believer in the old adage "If you do things right, people won't be sure if you've done anything at all" this ex-editor of ICSF strives to appear to be doing nothing at all, thus ensuring that he does everything right. He has met with mixed results. When not organising PicoCon, or fleeing from Zombie hordes, Ben can often be found in the Library, fighting for bean-bag supremacy. His first video showing claimed the minds of three ICSF members, but he has since branched out, and now openly admits that Barbarella should only be watched under controlled circumstances. It is widely believed that Ben is, in fact, doomed. He claims, however, that this is simply a matter of artistic differences.

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