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"Society still deems me acceptably sane, but I'm working on it."

Hello. My name is Alex Trenchard. I'm currently being Picocon Sofa, which is odd, because I distinctly remember having promised myself that that was one position I would never take.

The madness all started very soon after I learnt to read. Suddenly I realised that imaginary worlds were rather more fun than the one I actually live in, and unlike Lot or Orpheus (those fools) I have yet to look back.

My escapist tendancies have gotten progressively worse as my life has done sillier and sillier things to me. My parents decided we'd move to Hong Kong for two and half years; I spent almost all of the first year reading and learning to play Magic. Later, my parents decided that boarding school would be a really good place for me. I've come out a changed man, but on the upside have learned to fence, shoot, fly - anything anyone would teach me - and I've read still more and got into roleplaying. Oh, there were A-levels too. [show more]

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