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"-Equality Exists As Equals-"

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 SF/F Likes Fantasy is my style 
 Sf/F Dislikes  All others hehe 
 Notes  Anything that sounds like an RPG, come here you! 


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 Spinzer (22nd Dec 2003, 16:42)

What sort of comments?

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 Spinzer (29th Dec 2003, 17:37)

Just finished The Pillars Of Creation from The Sword Of Truth series. Terry Goodkind again astounds me with his fantastic world of fantasy and wizardy. What an amazing insight to a world where all his principles and philosophies come to life! Besides the fact that the ending of this book was rather hastely finished, it was a fantastic experience, and truly another wonderful sequel to this series. I am certainly looking forward to the next volume titled "Naked Empire" *hinthint*

 mikazuki (11th Apr 2005, 01:48)

Ceh. . . what are you doing here you punk?

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