Simon Matthews (Siberman)

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"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve. - Bilbo Baggins"

Who am I? If you don't already know then I'm the insane one who always tries to show Dr who, the Prisoner or Blake's Seven videos whenever I can. As you may have guessed, my favourite shows are Dr who, Blake's seven and the Prisoner. I also like stories by John Wyndham, Douglas Adams or JRR Tolkein (I do so love the ents!). I studied physics solely because I wish to build a TARDIS, travel through time in order to either gather the technology to produce, or simply acquire, a huge army of Balrogs and run away to another time and place (preferably a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...). As you can tell, I, like most other members of the society, have no life. in fact I have even less of a life than everyone else, not only for the above reasons, but also because I don't drink. Be seeing you!

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 SF/F Likes British Sci-Fi; Balrogs!; Peter Jackson (Fellowship of the Ring) 
 Sf/F Dislikes  Star Trek; What Peter Jackson did to Faramir! 


 MSci Physics (IC)ICSF Member
Random fresher
 ICSF TreasurerFounded Meat Appreciation Society
MAS King Carnivore 1st
 SCC Treasurer
Let the embezlement begin!
MAS king Carnivore
Still MAS Founder member and Dictator
ICSF Treasurer
 SCC Chair and Dictator
hmmmm, corruption :-)
ICSF ChairEntity
Exile in Newbury
 Teacher Training
 Physics Teacher
George Abbot, Guildford
 Head of Physics
Gordons School, Woking


read biography for - bigbob

 bigbob (15th Jan 2003, 01:35)

having a life is always a bad idea. poepel expect you to do stuff if you have one

read biography for - karne

 karne (21st Jan 2003, 23:18)

can't have that can we..

read biography for - Siberman

 Siberman (30th Jul 2005, 21:24)

I now have a safe pot for Picocon! hooray!

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